Yukang focuses on the production and sales of various plastic bags, zipper bags, bone bags, self-adhesive bags, composite bags, etc.

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    Bone bag

    Bone bag

    Product parameters
    Products are customized and quoted according to customer specifications, materials, quantities, etc. Please consult us for specific customization! Service hotline: 137 9886 7028
    Product usage is suitable for food, medical supplies, daily chemicals, electronics, toys, and other industries
  • Core Features

  • 1. Bone-attached bag refers to a plastic bag. There are two plastic bone strips at the mouth of the bag. They are bonded firmly by machine heat pressing. They are usually called clavicle bags, compact bags, sealed bags, free-standing bags, and self-sealing. Bags, generally suitable for clothing packaging bags, gift bone bags, jewelry bags, underwear bags, socks bags, etc. are the same as packaging
  • 2. The bone bag can be printed with text and patterns, can be used as red and white edges, can add pigment and anti-static elements to make anti-static ziplock bags, black ziplock bags, blue ziplock bags, red ziplock bags, green Ziplock bags and other colors ziplock bags
  • 3. Good transparency, good air-tight performance, suitable clamping chain tightness, convenient opening and closing, repeated use without deformation, clear printing pictures and texts, high-grade products after packaging, saving sealing, beautiful and reliable! Mainly convenient for multiple use, easy to open and close, can be used repeatedly, hygienic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and mildew-proof
  • Main advantages

  • 1. The bag is not easy to open: the sealing groove adopts the unique concave-convex buckle technology, the bite is closer, and the full bag state will not automatically open due to product extrusion.
  • 2. Strong sealing and pressure-bearing capacity: The sealing is strong, and generally small PE bone bags can withstand pressure without opening automatically, while our company's extra-large and thick PE bone bags are stronger and can withstand super pressure!
  • 3. The PE bone bag has no peculiar smell, and the sealing is tight and leak-proof. Sandalwood with very strict odor requirements can also be easily competent, but liquid is not recommended.
  • 4. It has good airtightness, effectively prevents external bacteria and harmful substances, and is safe and hygienic.
  • 5. As a professional manufacturer of PE bone bags, we can customize and print patterns as required, and print our own LOGO to enhance the company's image.
  • Service: The bag shape, thickness, size, appearance, etc. can be designed by us based on our experience to provide you with personalized services
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